Zhang group Taiwan island slashed Co., LTD is located in taichung county, the main production Taiwan ZhangGaoYi GaoLiangJiu, kinmen hair GaoLiangJiu, Taiwan's nine hair GaoLiangJiu three series brand, the annual output 6300 tons, mainly sales to Taiwan island, enjoying high reputation and reputation. The company ...[Read more]
  This is a famous historical novel "Three Kingdoms" gyrus of the twenty-first described in a story. Late Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao's Emperor as to enable Zhu Hou, powerful; Although the Huang Shu Liu Bei, but ...[Read more]

Address: quanzhou green valley Taiwanese base
Tel: 4008899709
Fax: 059585603922
Website: www.jmfjf.com
QQ: 844160792

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