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Address: quanzhou green valley Taiwanese base
Tel: 4008899709
Fax: 059585603922
QQ: 844160792
Zhang group Taiwan island slashed Co., LTD is located in taichung county, the main production Taiwan ZhangGaoYi GaoLiangJiu, kinmen hair GaoLiangJiu, Taiwan's nine hair GaoLiangJiu three series brand, the annual output 6300 tons, mainly sales to Taiwan island, enjoying high reputation and reputation. The company was founded in 36 years, Taiwan (zhang group founded slashed Co., LTD GaoLiangJiu the integrating development, production, sales and logistics's wine enterprises.
Mr. ZhangGaoYi founder with his father to increase their development in different made repeatedly method, process and grain, finally the sorghum with dry wetlands with different years brewing fermentation, the wine is best, contracted taste hook after starting his winery after gradually expand the sons also successively and other business, also make ZhangGaoYi GaoLiangJiu, kinmen Taiwan GaoLiangJiu and will send nine hair the China market GaoLiangJiu three major brands of Taiwan's.
Taiwan's wine Co., LTD, zhang group for the special Chinese mainland market business environment, its three brand integration in 2002, and made pioneering the grand plan mainland market. Our goal is rooted in Taiwan, based on fujian, eye on China. In order to solve the same period, logistics, to mainland Chinese consumer brings real Taiwan GaoLiangJiu, Taiwan zhang group in mainland China wine Co., LTD located in the sezs, the west coast of the strait "beautiful opened up the first filling production base, and the establishment of a national marketing center. Since then, Taiwan wine Co., LTD started to zhang group on the Chinese mainland market GaoLiangJiu journey.
Our company goal:
1, across more than 100 established its office
2, has hired more than 400 senior marketing team
3, kinmen hair gets GaoLiangJiu nine hair on CCTV and provincial television advertisement of media, produced do
4, kinmen hair gets GaoLiangJiu nine hair cast large surface advertising, body advertisement, newspapers advertising and POP advertising


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