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Cooking wine and talk heroes
Editor:TWZGY   Time:2009/9/18   View:[5516]
       This is a famous historical novel "Three Kingdoms" gyrus of the twenty-first described in a story. Late Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao's Emperor as to enable Zhu Hou, powerful; Although the Huang Shu Liu Bei, but are weak, in order to prevent Cao Cao's murder, had residence backyard vegetables and watering personally think that Tao unlucky solution. Kuan Kung and Zhang Fei in the dark, it was said Liu Bei Bu Liuxin world affairs, they learn a small business of the people. One day, Liu Bei was poured dish, please send Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Liu Bei had to go with trepidation into the House, see Cao Cao. Liu Bei, Cao Cao's calm and collected right says, "very good thing to do at home!" Said those who intend to, the listener is more heart, this sentence would be scared Mianrutuse Liu Bei, Cao Cao also re-said, you learn to grow vegetables, is not easy, it Liu Bei was to ease off slightly. Cao Cao said, I have seen the park on the branches of the plum on the green, and reminds one past (the "fancies"), today Seeing plum, is not without reward, to coincide with cooking wine is cooked, so invite you to a kiosk a will. Hearing mind Fangding Liu Bei. With Cao Cao came to kiosk, we saw have been set out a variety of wine, plates placed inside the green plum, so it will be placed Jiuzun cooked green plum wine from, and two pairs of sat happily drinking. Liquor to half-intoxicated, suddenly covered with dark clouds, heavy rain is approaching, Cao Cao's talk about the dragon behavior, Ranby turn to when the world a hero, and asked Liu Bei, would you please tell when the world a hero who, Liu Bei was pretending to look like ambition , said that several people have been denied Cao Cao. Cao Cao Liu Bei's heart at this time was going to inquire about the activities to see if he would like to powers in the world, then said: "When a man a hero who aim higher, belly-Liang seek, there is concealed the universe machine, who is also handling the world's chi." Asked Liu Bei, who as a hero then? Cao Cao asks her bluntly said: Today the world is a hero, only you and me both! Liu Bei a, was taken aback, hand holding chopsticks, but also unwittingly fall underground. It so happened that a sudden heavy rain, thunder rang out, Liu Bei had an inspiration, calmly picked up the chopsticks and the lower body, saying it was because of fear of thunder, was out of chopsticks. Cao Cao was now safely say that a real man is also afraid of mine do? Liu Bei said, even the saints of the Thunder Gale will be gaffes, I still do not afraid? Liu Bei after this cover, so that Cao Cao he thinks he is beyond ambition, guts small as a mouse of the Philistines, no doubt Liu Bei, Cao Cao and since then it has.
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